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Come to Centre Hall...In the Centre of it all!


Many thanks to all who participated in the Centre Hall Fire Co. Parade!
The following are the winners in the various catagories... 


1st - Penns Valley Area High School Band

Baton Twirling Units

1st - Aristocats - Wingate
2nd - American Raiders Baton Corp - Bellefonte
3rd - Dreams - Pleasant Gap


1st - Jim's Toy Box
2nd - Centre Hall Churches
3rd - Centre Hall Cub Scouts

Antique Vehicles

1st - Carmen & Louise
2nd - Smeltzer
3rd - Seth Grove

Marching Units

1st - Sheriff's Rescue Association
2nd - Lion's Club - Centre Hall
3rd - Centre Hall Library

Winners in the catagories listed above may contact Debbie Williams for more information.
Questions regarding the Fire/Ambulance division may contact Van Holsinger for additional information. Thank you.


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