The Penns Valley Business Network meets every Wednesday at 8 a.m. at Wynwood House in Centre Hall. Email us for more information.

Become a member!

(Continued) Membership in the network shall be limited to those sponsored by an active member, who have made a presentation to the network, submitted an application, and who have been voted into membership without opposition. See the new members section for specific details of the application process.

Dues & Fines
Membership dues are $100.00 per quarter, payable in advance. Dues for new members are pro-rated monthly.

Members agree to pay a "no tip" fine of $1.00 and a late attendance fine of $1.00. The "fine pot" shall be distributed by random drawing of members present. Guests and members without tips are excluded from the drawing.

Featured Member's Presentation
A featured member will at each meeting have ten to fifteen minutes to present any information they wish about their business. It is an opportunity to describe a good lead, market conditions, product information, and new developments in his/her business.

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