The Penns Valley Business Network meets every Wednesday at 8 a.m. at Wynwood House in Centre Hall. Email us for more information.

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Attendance & Membership in Good Standing
It is anticipated that members shall attend all meetings. When conflicts arise, members agree to notify an officer of their absence. Members acknowledge that six or more unacknowledged absences in a six month period will remove them from the membership rolls. Failure to pay dues in full thirty days of their due date shall automatically terminate membership. Members who have not paid their dues within thirty days are no longer in good standing and will need to re-apply for membership.

What is a Business Lead or Tip?
A tip occurs when a member provides to another member and or the network the name and business of some outside individual for the purpose of guiding that person to make use of a service or product of the network member. This includes providing a specific contact person and a phone number. Generally, the network member receiving the tip would and should feel free to, when making a contact, mention the referring member's name.

New Members
All new members shall go through a three step process : sponsorship, presentation, and election. Any member in good standing can propose a prospective member or non-member guest.

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